Manufactures & Exports Pressure Gauge, Glass Thermometer and
Bimetal Thermometer & Gas Regulator From Ningbo China.

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  We deal with exporting and manufacturing pressure gauge, gas regulator and bimetal thermometer ......


Pressure Gauges

Pressure GaugeThe pressure gauges are used for measurement of steam, air, oil, and other pressure media ......
Gauge Model Identification
Pressure, bimetal and Glass

glass thermometer glass thermometer glass thermometer glass thermometer glass thermometer
V shaped glass thermometer
Metal bushing
glass thermometer
Plastic shell glass submarine Iron shell submarine
glass thermometer
9" adjustable angle
glass thermometer

Our main products are as follows: utility or dry pressure gauge, liquid filled pressure gauge, other pressure gauge, thermomanometer, bimetal thermometer, capillary thermometer, pyrometer, glass thermometer, oven & freeze thermometer, home hygrometer thermometer, equipment thermometer, digital thermometer, cooking thermometer, clinic thermometer, oxygen-acetylene-lpg gas regulator, argon gas regulator, co2 gas regulator, medical oxygen gas regulator, welding tool set gas regulator, x series air source processing units (pneumatic component), a series air source processing units (pneumatic component), auto drain (pneumatic component), check valve (pneumatic component), sand blasting gun (pneumatic component), air gun (pneumatic component), refrigeration gauge combination & parts, pressure transmitter, cylinder valve, fire extinguisher, thermostat.

A Brief Introduction of Pressure Gauge

How Selecting Pressure Gauge
Pressure Gauge Operating Principle
Pressure Gauge Types

Industrial Gauge
Commercial Pressure Gauge
Process Gauge
Digital Pressure Gauge
Low Pressure Gauge
Specialty Gauge

Pressure Range
Pressure Fluid Composition
Pressure Case & Housing
Pressure Conversion Chart

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