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Pressure Transmitter And Transducer

15.Intelligent Adjustable Digital Pressure Indicator
RKC(PEX-F900) Japan and inter changable freely imported PID adjustable intelligent digital indicator is designed to provide the electrical source for transducer , PID control, switching with manual or automatic no-disturbing , high capacity of anti-jamming. It is suitable for full automatic pressure closed loop controlling in high precision of various chemical industrial equipment in the chemical fiber , plastic machine, hydraulic pressure system, instrument machine, constant pressure frequency conversion water supply and etc.
Display: Two-layer 4-digit LED display
ranges: 0.100~9999MPa( Radix point changeable)
Display resolution: 000.1
Power supply: 85~265VAC
Case dimensions : 92*92mm
Pressure or temperature with pressure upper limit and lower limit programmable relay alarming output , RS232,RS485 serial communication, blurry logic PID adjustment and MPT arithmetic, various prog rammable PID adjust ment analog transducer output. Automatic or manual in terchangable. freely ,it has protect in for over opper limit or lower limit .

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