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Pressure Transmitter And Transducer

9.Industrial Pressure Transducer & Transmitter (Flush Diaphragm)
PT124S/PT124B-214 Series
Special flush diaphragm isolated instruction, sanitary, no cavity, block proof, easy to clean, high accuracy, excellent stability, high response frequency,signal output is multifarious, zero and span adjustment..This PT124S/PT124B-214 series are suitable for the pressure measuring and controlling in high dense medium of foodstuff machine, paper pulp, pharmacy, hydraulic pressure system and etc .
Ranges: -100KPa~10KPa~200MPa
Combined accuracy : 0.25%FS ; 0.5%FS ;1%FS
Signal output : 1mV/V ; 1.5mV/V; 2mV/V ; 3.33mV/V; 0~20mA; 4~20mA; 0~5V; 1~5V;0~10V
Excitation:Power supply: 10(6~12V)dc ; 24V(12~36V)dc
Overload pressure: 150%FS
Operating temperature : -40°C~125°C
Electric connection: 5Pin or Hirschman
Process connection: M20×1.5 . Screw thread, clamp ,flange or optional

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