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Fire Extinguisher


Aluminum cylinder for fire extinguisher
Dia: 75mm, 80mm or 110mm
Wall thickness: 1.5mm for dia 75mm and 80mm, 2mm for dia 110mm.
Burst pressure: 55kg/cm2
Material: Aluminum Alloy
One piece
Thread: M24X1.5 or M30X1.5



Steel cylinder for fire extinguisher
Materil: carbon steel
1)0.5kg dry powder diameter:67mm, height: 200mm, wall thickness: 1.0mm
2)1kg dry powder diameter: 90mm, height: 235mm, wall thickness: 1.0mm
3)1kg dry powder diameter: 85mm, height: 256mm, wall thickness: 1.0mm
4)1kg dry powder diameter: 85mm, height: 270mm, wall thickness: 1.0mm
5)2kg dry powder diameter:110mm, height: 307mm, wall thickness: 1.0mm
6)2kg dry powder diameter:110mm, height: 327mm, wall thickness: 1.2mm
7)2kg 1211 diameter:110mm, height: 258mm, wall thickness: 1.0mm
8)3kg dry powder diameter:130mm, height: 370mm, wall thickness: 1.2mm
9)4kg dry powder diameter:130mm, height: 415mm, wall thickness: 1.2mm
10)4kg dry powder diameter:140mm, height: 385mm, wall thickness: 1.2mm
11)4kg 1211 diameter:130mm, height: 370mm, wall thickness: 1.2mm
12)5kg dry powder diameter:140mm, height: 445mm, wall thickness: 1.2mm
13)6kg dry powder diameter:162mm, height: 430mm, wall thickness: 1.5mm
14)8kg dry powder diameter:160mm, height: 510mm, wall thickness: 1.5mm
15)9kg dry powder diameter:182mm, height: 540mm, wall thickness: 1.8mm
16)9kg dry powder diameter:175mm, height: 570mm, wall thickness: 1.5mm
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