Manufacturer of Pressure Gauge and Thermometer from Ningbo China
Rising Instrument Co., Ltd.
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Company Profile

We specialize in designing, researching, processing, manufacturering and selling all kinds of pressure gauge, thermometer etc. Our products are widely used in oil industry, medicinery industry, food industry, machinery industry and so on. Our products mainly includes dry or utility pressure gauge, liquid filled pressure gauge, ammonia pressure gauge, refrigeration pressure gauge, tire gauge, fire extinguisher pressure gauge, bimetal thermometer, capillary thermometer, glass thermometer, household thermometer etc with good quality and very competitive price, mostly for overseas markets.

With rich experience in pressure gauges and thermometer and good service, we could take care of your request without mistake and assure the quality and delivery in time. We have satisfied and reliable customers all over the world. We look forward to meeting your needs.

Rising Instrument Co., Ltd.
Add: #4-8, Shijilongteng Bldg, No.269 Zhongxing Road, Ningbo, 315040 P.R.China
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